hi guys
need a little help here , i know that this problem has been answered before and i have looked at faq but this dicision is driving me crazy . i am new to home cinema and have just ordered a epson ew10 projector and i would like to order my surround system so as to get up and running i have shortlisted 2 being panasonic sc-dt310 and sc-ht900 .the problem is that i have read that the scht900 has problems with noise because of overheating and this dont sound good ,were as the scdt310 doesnt seem to have any flaws at all bar having no component connection point ,is this a really bad thing ?. i doubt i would upgrade for a long while so the 310 tends to look fav. can i still connect my sons ps2 into both of the systems.being a novice would i see a difference between component and s video ?. fed up of wondering which way to go with this can someone help sway my dicision and give me some advice
cheers for any help
Dear karltomjack,

Given me the choice, I would go for the DT310.

The DT-HT900 mainly is for it's looks. The sound in playing music is poor. The is because mainly due to the fact that the speakers boxes are made in plastic which is not a good material for sound but it's cheap for the manufacturer.

The DT310 will definitely sounds better if you don't mind bout being less powerful. It will play music nicely in 2 channel mode and acceptable sounds while watching movies.

Hope this will help you out.

yeah cheers ,will at the end of the day im going to be watching films more than the music and since writing this post ive read that the picture quality is slightly better on the 310 and the experts say 2 channel front speakers are better for film music etc so cheers for the advice

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