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Dilema: AIW or... Dscaler?

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by LY2BIG, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. LY2BIG


    Products Owned:
    Products Wanted:
    So, I need your opinion, you wise guys.... :)

    Few weeks ago I decided to give some upgrade to my HT
    system, which until now consisted of:
    A/V receiver: RX-V1400 7.1 Ch. THX EX, DTS ES, ...
    Projector: SANYO PLV-70, 2200Lm ANSI, Native 16:9; 1366x768, HDTV ready, 1035i, 1080i, 720p, 575i 480p & 480i, Component &
    DVI-D input
    Screen: Da-Lite MATE 58"x104" (3.03m diag.)

    After several weeks of reading various forums I decided
    to replace my JVC DVD player with a dedicated HCPC (HTPC),
    which should bring a better signal to my PLV-70 projector.
    It also shall get me the new HDTV Euro1080 channel from
    satellite, and make the local terrestrial TV broadcast signals more
    acceptable to the big screen properly processed and upscaled)

    I've ordered from USA/Eu these HCPC parts:

    ANTEC SONATA silent PC case w.Truepower 380W PSU
    ABIT IC7-Max3 800FSB 875P Intel motherboard
    Intel P4 3.0GHz (800Mhz) with Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu cooler
    4x512 MB KINGSTON DDR400 (2GB total)
    2x 160 GB Samsung Serial ATA HD's
    ATI All-In-Wonder 9800PRO w/128 MB (AIW)
    Pioneer DVR-106 DVD +/-RW writer
    SKYSTAR-2 DVB-S PCI receiver
    Wireless (RF) keyboard & mouse

    What was my surprise and dissapointment,
    When today I realized that a very popular processing
    software DSCALER does not like the company of ATI'S All-In-Wonder.
    To bad........ :(

    I'm totally messed up now.
    This AIW is a lot of money to me. There is mo market for
    such expensive cards in my country, and I hardly will get
    even 60% of what I paid in the second hand market here.

    Should I stick with AIW and find another proper alternative
    software to Dcaler?
    Or should I get rid of ATI AIW 9800 PRO, and be one more happy
    user Dcaler ?
    What I shall look for then, to replace the AIW ?
    (I know about DVI deluxe) Any other good hardware (PCI) alternatives?

    My goal is to get digital DVI signal into PJ(avoiding all these loseless A/D & D/A converters)
    while taking signal from one of these 4 video sources:

    1.DVD or DivX disk, played into HTPC's Pioneer DVR-106
    2.Terrestrial UHF broadcast TV from antenna
    3.DVB-S satellite TV, from LNB/antenna (via SKYSTAR-2).Including EURO1080 HDTV
    4.DVD, DivX and HDTV materials played form the PC's Hard Disk

    That is - all sources will be inside my HTPC
    I don't want to process & upscale any external video signals, from external DVD player etc.

    Is the "AIW+Dcaler" combination no usable for all 4 of these listed acations ???

    What you guys would recommend me to do?

    Vic LY2BIG

    P.S. sorry for this long post....

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