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Thinking of buying a plasma from digital direct uk internet company, but some very negative feedback so far, wondered if any one has ever used them ,and what they were like.

thanks in advance.
I'll let you know ..... just ordered a JVC lcd 17".

Where did you hear about the bad reviews?
Me too I am interested as I plan on buying from them!!
I have bought lots of items from a guy called Nigel at DD great advice best price and delivered when he said so i also have recommended him to friends and have heard no bad feedback .

As with all sales companys you can get people who will try to sell you something they dont have yet and dont chase it up until you ring up /or will tell you anything to get your money or to secure a deposit.It depends who you get (and we can all have bad days where you wished you didnt get up)

but this guy has always been straight with me.
Dealtime.co.uk they have an average user rating of 3.4/5, some people views are appalling, but they always seem helpfull on the other end of the phone, so you cant believe all you read maybe
Excellent.. thats all i ever need, a real opinion.

Cheers folks, i'll order my TV now too :)
Fingers crossed, Amtrak say it's being delivered this morning.....

Only ordered it on Monday pm.

Watch this space just in case they sent me the wrong stuff - but looks promising so far......

Cool, looking forward to your opinons on it!

I have bought my leads already... just need the TV :D
I just bought the Pioneer 812 amp off the, guy called Michael at DD. Great guy, knew what he was talking about. Slight delivery delay (but this was when the UK ground to a halt in the snow). Good people and good experience. Oh - and unlike two other online retailers they were straight with the stock situation!
My Dad bought a panasonic 36PD30 from DD great price delivered on time and no probs.

recommended My mate who bought a 32" pana from them for his Dads 60TH £50 cheaper than any where and again no probs

Another friend bought a 22" lcd panasonic from them delivered on the day they said but a 7.30 in the morning (due to the delivery company)

all these were done via Nigel at DD .I agree with tullamore they were straight with my friend on stock. as the 22" lcd had just changed from the LT2 to the LT3 and they told him there was a delay before he ordered and rang when it was in stock.

I have been messed about by other online retailers but you have to be careful what you can and cant say.
Superb...... thoroughly recommend Digital Direct UK.

Ordered JVC lcd 17inch on Monday pm, delivered Wednesday am.

Cheapest price around.

I can't believe that within about 48 hours from ordering, I've set the thing up (brilliant little tv) and am already contemplating reading the manual (for girls) just in case I missed something.
I bought my plasma tilting bracket, 757ai, e-50, and my ax10i of dd and service and delivery have been excellent. prices are good too.
I bought my Pio 434 plasma from DD. Michaels the chap I remember talking to. There was a stock delay but I was kept informed as to when the delivery was scheduled.

I had exactly the same concerns over a large amount of money handed over in this way but I would buy from them again.

Especially when a cheaper HDMI player comes out!;)
Well i went ahead and bought the JVC from Michael also...

Should be at mine tomorrow, so fingers crossed! Irritatingly the place local to me did agree to price match... it only took them 11 days to decide, meanwhile i'd already ordered it! ho hum...

Ordered Hitachi 42PD3000 on new years eve from DD as curry's were quoting 28 days. DD delivered 3 day's later. Good service and a good price.

What are your thoughts on the JVC 17 inch. Just ordered one yesterday after short-listing the philips, dell and JVC.

No SCARTS on the Dell and it seemed like people were saying good things about the new JVC vs. Philips.

I'd be interested to know what you think?
I can't fault it ........ yet.

Superb picture quality (even through a Video/Audio Transmitter from SKY+ box).

Can't hear any unwanted noise from it but it is in the kitchen.(wish it was the same for the Panasonic Plasma in the livingroom)

I bought the 17 inch with the intention of buying the 23inch (when more widely available) if it was any good....... my plastic friend is ready and waiting to make me happy.
Mine has arrived at my house apparantly...

I'll let you guys know, Michael at DD said its bloody good - and better than the Philips.

No component input though apparantly :(
I was so impressed with the 17 inch, I went and bought the 26inch for the bedroom (which btw has more gadgetty stuff like Picture In Picture) .

DigitalDirectUk were again the cheapest around and managed to get it delivered within 3 days.

I am that Pig in Sh**..........

Only thing I can moan about is that DigitalDirect have just dropped another £18 from the price in the 3 days since my order - but I guess it's good that they keep on top of being the cheapest (if they're reading this, they may want to reward me for my continued praise?)

So..... what's next? Maybe Surround Sound for the lavvy ?
I would recommend Digital Direct UK, well kinda. I was spending a lot of money and new what I wanted and once the bloke I spoke to knew that he didn't try to persuade me into anything else. I haggled and definetely got the best deal, a discount in the region of 10%, a lot when you're talking 6K! Just repeat 'unmoveable budget' all the time...

The problems surfaced come delivery time:
- the stand for the panny6 wasn't delivered,
- the mission sub was in black instead of the colour I asked for,
- the DVD player wasn't hacked to MR like I asked for
- some other niggly problem!

I didn't go off my nut and they sorted it out, not quite pronto but it was sorted.
i ordered a sony 32FX60 tv from them, the remote control had a crack in it and the intructions were in french. I rang them up and they sent me a photo copied instruction book.

Before I purchased the TV I asked it it would be compatible with an American dvd player with only an svideo terminal, the salesman said yes.

When I tried it the picture was black and white, so i rang them up and he told me I needed an svideo to scart cable which cost me £40, but that didnt work.

So i told them I didnt want the TV because the salesman said it would work with an American dvd player but it didnt. he said if there was nothing wrong with the TV I would have to pay for handling which was £60.
So I asked if They could sell me an English dvd player at cost price the answer was no. Did I mention they were rude as well

I dont care how cheap they are I will never buy from them again, once they have your money they dont want to know.

Buy from nexnix, i havent puchased from them yet but all my emails have been answered quickly and they talk to you on the phone for ages with good advice, Im buying a plasma soon Id rather pay a couple of hundred pounds more and have good after sales service.
I don't want to be on the defense of DDUK, but here was your first mistake,

Before I purchased the TV I asked it it would be compatible with an American dvd player with only an svideo terminal, the salesman said yes.

You should have done your own research and it would have saved the hassle. These guys sell lots of stuff everyday and don't know everything. I wouldn't part with any cash based on what they said unless it was backed by another source, this forum :) or magazines for instance. You can spot a clueless salesperson a mile off, as true you can spot a gen'ed up one too and be blessed. Many are on this list thankfully!

You're right about the aftersales being as it was. Did you ask to speak to the manager to get it sorted? Get a good manager who's not getting part of the sale comission and it should be sorted. But then again did you read the small print on their website or ask them if there was a handling fee. Your telly wasn't faulty after all, just kinda rented for a while based on a crap answer from a salesman. Would you have done the same at Currys?

Rude staff there's no excuse for and the salesperson should be sacked.:suicide:
This was about 2-3 years ago, from what i could make out he was a part owner of the company he only mentioned another man at the time. I rang leading edge who I got the dvd player off and he said the sony couldnt accept a pure ntsc signal. Another company that has good after sales service is Leading Edge friendly with very good advice.

Ive been buying AV gear for years and there are some excellent traders out the but some very bad ones as well, as for currys dont even go there.;)
Ordered a tv from them , i had to wait two weeks for delivery.
Not sure if i would order from them again

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