Dign cases in uk?


fat tom

Ok I'm new here.

does anyone have an *easy* way of getting there hands on a dign case in the uk?? - I noticed someone was organising a powerbuy but it seemed fraught with hassle and expense and time!! I specifically want to know if there is a UK importer for these products and if there isn't could I have a show of hands if you want one... ;)


Fat Tom......

fat tom

one as in case not importer.... - jez my english is bad... :rolleyes:

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Have you had a look at Andy's case. There is a link or perhaps a whole support forum about it on this site.

I bought a normal ATX case in UK. It's the basis if the DIGN model that has the nice facia. I want rid of it if anyone is interested. Just a standard ATX desktop. Was going to have custom face plate made and powder coated but I have no time for that now so will buy one of Andy's

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