DigiTV recording window...


Ian Cox

Just press exit on the remote control. Or I think ESC works as well


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There's a setting somewhere which controls how many seconds it appears on the screen. By default, I think it remains indefinitely (?), but you can choose any time delay you like.


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Escape makes it go away, but it pops back again the moment I nudge the mouse...

I couldn't see a setting to control how long it appears - the now&next box obeys such a setting, but the recording box remains onscreen. If I've missed something I'd like to know where it is...


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Yeah, I'll probably do that once I've doubled checked everything again - I was just hoping I'd missed something obvious.

(Those who consider hitting the escape key as obvious should note that I normally don't have the keyboard handy and the remote hasn't even been unpacked... <ahem> )

Cheers guys.


Please post back if you find a way around this. I have a crt projector and I'm concerned about the record status window causing tube burn.


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Here's what you do:

Settings->Menus-> Display->Rec Display Time on Screen->10 secs

However, if you move the mouse, I think it re-appears.

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