Digitising video from older digital 8 Sony TRV-110E firewire out camcorder


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Nov 21, 2006
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Hi all,

I have an old Sony TRV-110E Digital 8 camcorder. Its not had a lot of use and works perfectly. I also have a collection of digital 8 mini tapes which are probably 15 years old. I'd like to make copies/digitise them for preservation and maybe to manipulate some/upload to youtube etc.

My old lappy had a DV port so no problem but that has long since gone and the latest lappy doesnt have one.

I've been looking at assorted models of Sony HDD/DVD/Freevew boxes with dv in as a possible solution but then if i captured the video from the cam to the HDD in the box, how could i then get it on a pc? Some of these units have an SD card slot or USB port but im not sure if they operate in output mode.

Typical models ive looked at are Sony RDR-HXD890

Other solutions,buy a cheap desktop pc with a DV in port....

If i were to burn the dv input to a DVD using the sony HXD890 box i could then use the DVD in ther drive of my current lappy but would there be much quality loss?

Maybe i could get a cheap HD camcorder (used) that might have DV in then i could record to the storage media of the other cam??

All feedback welcome :)

I use an old Panasonic HDD/DVD combi recorder which has a mini firewire input.
My workflow is:


Once i have content on the HDD/DVD combi i do some basic trimming, add chapters and menu and burn to disc all on the same box. This gives me a playable DVD disc albeit quite basic.
If I want to do some further editing/authoring I simply take the DVD and import it into the PC and author a new DVD.
However i'm not sure if Panasonic still make these combi HDD/DVD recorders and if they do it's unlikely they have a firewire input (so it's s-video only for input!).
I currently have two, my more recent one is a blu ray recorder but has no firewire input but my oder 'DVD combi' does which I still use occaisionally.
You should be able to get one second hand.
I also found the transfer quality from the camcorder very good, although i'm not sure how it compares to transferring straight from camcorder to PC via firewire and using the lossless AVI format.

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