Digital Video Essentials - can it be used without filters?


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I can borrow a Digital Video Essentials from my online DVD rental service but they don't send the filters out with the disc.

Is there any point of using the disc without the filters available, or is it only limited to a couple of tests?


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Most of the settings do not require the filters. The filters are only used to set the primary colours, so you need access to individual RGB level and gain controls. Having set these you would need to set the contrast brightness and backlight again.

I have the disk and filters and found that it was best to set the colour temperature and then just use the colour control for the best compromise using the filters. Using the filters is a compromise, compared to calibration with professional instruments.

In practice, backlight, contrast and brightness optimisation have the greatest effect on the overall PQ. Then just adjust the colour until it looks OK to you (or until the red doesn't glow - as it does on so many LCDs).


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When you say individual RGB level and gain - do you mean actually changing the individual Red value, Blue value and Green value? If so I don't have that facility so maybe I could get it and see.


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Yes, I do mean changing the red green and blue gains.

If you don't have that facility on your TV then just use it to set Brightness and contrast.

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Hi Guys,

You do NOT use the filters for adjusting the individual RGB gain and cut controls! The filter is only needed to set the colour and tint if applicable.

The RGB Cut and Gains are used to correct the display greyscale and to do this correctly you need to have some form of colour measurent device such as a colorimeter. You balance the controls so that "white" measures the correct colour from black to white (lowest to highest intensity).

The red and green filters are used to detect errors in the colour decoder in the display but typically this is an "out of interest" exercise as so few displays allow any decoder adjustment.



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