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I have a roof-mounted aerial feeding an RF distribution amp in the loft, which in turn feeds two aerial sockets - one in the lounge and one in a bedroom.

The same Sony Bravia (on digital auto-tuning) finds 73 Freeview signals in the lounge but only 44 in the bedroom. Anyone know why?

NB. The 73 signals include BBC4 and BBC Radio 1,2,3,4 - the 44 signals exclude all of these (amongst others).
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If they are exactly the same TV then I'd say the most obvious candidate for the problem is the RF cable from the amp in the loft to the bedroom.

Presuming the same cable is used for both feeds then if the one to the bedroom isn't making good contact on the screening then there will be a lot of noise and interference on the signal which will affect the TV's ability to detect the channels.

In the end it could be as simple as re-doing the RF connector at the TV end in the bedroom.

I had problems with my cable in the living room, changed the RF connector and perfect reception.


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Yes, that's what I thought. I'll try bypassing the loft-bedroom cable with a direct feed and see what happens.

(Btw, it is exactly the same TV - i.e. there's only one, I just carried it from room to room).

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