Digital to analogue problem.

Gordon Streeter

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Hi, I have a problem with my old analogue amplifier connected to my Samsung Smart TV. I have a decent digital to analogue converter that works well on a normal TV program, but when using a flash drive plugged into the TV I can play WAV and MP3 files via the external amp but won't play sound from an MP4 video (sound is fine on TV speaker) .
I have tried various formats when rendering my AV videos on the sound track but nothing seems to work ! As an experiment I rendered a video in MP4 but omitted the video track and amazingly the sound was fine, but with the same settings including the video track still no sound !!
Has anyone any ideas ?


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That does sound weird. Is the optical output on the TV set to output PCM?

It should be mentioned MP4 isn't technically a goat but a container for video and audio data. The data could be in any number of formats which can make trouble shooting a guessing game if you don't know the actual format.

Back in the day I used to use a app on Windows called G-spot which displays the formats contained in various container file formats
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Gordon Streeter

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Yes the TV is set to PCM, as I say if I make a video with a WAV/MP3 soundtrack it won't play the sound on the external amp only the picture, but if I omit the video track it will play sound, this is rendering both exactly the same to MP4 and obviously it only plays a blank screen. The sound/video works on the TV but the sound is not that good being a small rear speaker. This is running the Digi/analogue converter via an optical cable. I will say that I am not a complete "duffer" with AV equipment and have been making/editing videos for years and 8 & 16mm "proper" films from the 60s.
The last thing I will say is that this has all come about in the last year when I bought a new Smart TV to replace my other Smart TV that went on the blink and wasn't economical to repair. The new one doesn't have a scart socket and less other connections than the old one. I even tried an AV to scart lead adapter on the DVD surround sound amplifier that was a waste of time as it doesn't work properly with my DVD player either !
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