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Sep 8, 2002
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I have a Pace digital (itv) box. I can receive all the currently available channels, picture quality varies from being amazing (say star wars the other night on 3 and a robocop on 5 the other day) to merely average with blocking appearing on the screen during transtions from dark to light scenes....My question... Do they crank up the signal at certain times? cos if the government wants people to change to digital they need to keep the picture quality at the standard I see when they show films. BBc seems worse than ITV. Anyone else notice this?
This is a bit rate problem!

Signal strength is marginal but blocking on fades is caused by a low bit rate!
Have you also noticed that the picture quality can be very poor depending on the source of the material being encoded for broadcast.

I don't have any information how the process of digital transmission works. Is it all done on the fly from the normal feed and sent out as a digital signal?

Older BBC material can look really bad, while newer programmes on the same channel can be more acceptable.

Lets hope the picture quality is increased as Freeview is promoted to the public.

Originally posted by fuzzy
BBc seems worse than ITV. Anyone else notice this?

Yes I've noticed this as well. A few months back BBC choice had awful picture quality- blocky pixelated. On the 4:3 set that I use, channel 5 has consistently the best picture quality.
To be honest I prefer the picture that my old analogue amstrad sky box used to give. Razor sharp and not a pixel in sight.
Apart from the BBC "experiments" a while ago, I think the BBC transmissions are of much better quality than those of ITV1/2 (excluding issues related to the original source material of course). Ch4 comes in a close second.
I find it varies between programmes.
I was just watching Jurassic Park on ITV1 which was great quality as were all the ads ( :mad: ) but when the news bulletin in the middle came on it was pretty bad quality.
thanks for your comments..confirms what I thought, it seems quality is quite variable, hopefully when the new service comes on line things will be better.
I was told by an engineer that broadcasters are charged by the amount of bandwitdth they use and will thus vary the amount of bit rate.

Adverts are usually prority and are 'pixel perfect'.

Must admit that even when watching a blocky ITV transmission, the adverts are fine.
I thought that the picture quality of the adverts looked very good, now I understand the reason.

Cheers Kevo.
Surely now there are less digital channels it should free up some memory for upping the picture quality.
Or am I just dreaming!
Let's face it - if this government is serious about moving everyone to digitil they will have to ensure that the picture is at least as good as what we already get. I've got a digital tv ordered for Nov. so the picture better be good. The new "improved" service is supposed to be up and running by then.
Ropey material needs a higher bitrate than clean material

Blade Runner R2 print is terrible but the bit rate is high!

Old sitcoms look worse again grainyness needs encoding

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