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I have a good high end hi-fi .... Music Fidelity CDT valve cd player, Electrocompaniet amps and Living Voice Auditorium speakers. I am now jealous of the ipod storage and selection of tracks/albums and what to assess the opportunity to create same with my system without sound quality loss. I am absolutely new to this area and so far have only been steered toward a Linn Digital Streamer (£3.5K) with a hard drive/ripper (£700). Can someone familiar with streamers etc give me some basic starter information and advise whether this will become a techy nightmare or not? Help ........


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I would sugegst you consider the Naim Audio range of music servers particluarly suited high end single room applications
Naim Audio
ReQuest - S.Series
These are HDD based server with itunes integration if required they both include an internal drive for ripping Media and suppurt a whole range of high quality formats and connections.

Logitech squeeze box transporter is cheaper option but requires external storage and CD ripping equipment.


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Hi and thanks for your response. What are the price range for the Naim and Request? How do they compare with the Linn? I see that the capacity of the hard drive on the Naim is 600 cd's - I guess I would want double that over time. I am not really interested in downloading music unless it improves the sound quality.


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Hold on to your chair the NS01 is around £3250 the NS03 £4000 both have Raid array 400GB drives.
The ReQuest S.2500 with 1.5TB of storage (2500 CDs) is £14k....Naim are planning the HDX which is based on the CD555 platform and there are PSU upgrades for the HDX available I believe Naims server support additional storage expansion (or will) Best to contact your local Naim dealer for a demo.
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I assume you are perhaps thinking of the AVA RS3 when you mention hard-drive ripper. I have one of these setup with a Sonos system (see here).

The Sonos zoneplayer (ZP80/90) has optical output, so could be used to feed a high-end DAC? I'm a bit of a neebie to this kind of stuff and my system is far from high end, so please excuse my ignorance, however thought I'd throw it in as an idea.


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>Can someone familiar with streamers<

So, if you are thinking about streamers which rely on external music stores, your options would likely be (in rising price) -

Slimdevices Squeezebox 3
Slimdevices Duet
Sonos Zoneplayer/Controller
Any of the above, plus an external DAC
Slimdevices Transporter
Linn Majik DS

If you want something with it's own hard-disk storage

Ipod 120Gb
Cambridge Music Server
Arcam MS250
Macintosh Music Service
Naim HDX

Postings on this forum which you can search for are generally about Slimdevices and Sonos kit that peeps own, so expect to see some views on the pros and cons of each.

<whether this will become a techy nightmare>

IMHO, the situation usually end up as 95% have no problems, 5% have a 'mare. That said, the 5% includes a lot who fiddle about with their PCs and networks config. etc. beyond their actual knowledge and start off with subtly broken setup.
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