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I'm not typically the person who complains or makes a fuss, I've worked with customers before who are a PITA so I get how annoying I must be to them. I understand I'm not the only customer, and that things happen. I usually just keep it to myself and let people do their thing as long as the product I receive is up to par and what I paid for. That is absolutely not the case with Digital Storm and I will not stop bothering them for as long as I can until there is a resolution to this completely unnecessary saga.

I realise this is a lengthy post, so for anyone who doesn't have the time -

TL;DR - Computer broke almost immediately, took forever to get it back to them and even longer to get it worked on. They did a half ass job fixing it, shipped it back incorrectly and it is now damaged more than when I sent it to them the first time. They are now seemingly ignoring my emails and calls after they agreed to send me parts to fix it and provide a $700 refund on a nearly $7000.00 build.

I ordered my Velox pc back in the middle of August. I needed a high performance rendering machine for freelance work. I received it in the first week of October. No problem with that - they made the lead time perfectly clear from the start, and the freight shipper was excellent, very well packaged and courteous when he dropped it off.

Less than 1 week in I had to contact Digital Storm regarding an issue with the control center software. I believed that it was not reading temperatures properly as the numbers never really changed regardless of what I was doing and the fan speeds never changed when I switched modes. They had me double check the COM ports and assured me everything was functioning properly. Fine, they should know best - right?

October 24th as I was beginning work for the day I noticed the sound of the fans kicking into high gear. I checked my temperatures, everything seemed fine. A few minutes later, I heard a weird noise and looked down at my pc to see coolant spilling out of every fitting in the hardline liquid cooling system onto the power supply, the pump, possibly spraying onto the motherboard and god knows how many other components. I saved my work as quickly as I could and pulled the plug on the computer. I noticed that one of the tubes had even warped - presumably from the coolant reaching too high of a temperature for too long. Didn't think that was possible.

Well, I have active projects to get done and in an effort to salvage that income I ran to microcenter and purchased the best alternative PC I could get on short notice. So now I've had to purchase the Velox and another $1600.00 on top of that.

I immediately contacted Digital Storm, set up a support ticket, sent images of the damage etc. They were very attentive and helped me to set up an RMA to send the computer back, and even sent me a box after 2 weeks for the computer since I didn't save mine thinking I wouldn't need to send back the 6900.00 machine as it had been "stress tested" and "quality assured". I should note that they really wanted to remind me that they were doing me a favor by sending this cardboard box.

The computer arrived back at DS on 11/20. Nearly a month later it was still not being worked on and no form of compensation for the additional money I've had to put out, or explanation as to what went wrong, when I'll get the PC back etc. After several calls and emails and a forum post that is now locked (hence the new post), suddenly it blew through the RMA process and was being packaged back up to be sent back to me. Seemed suspiciously quick, but okay I need it back. Please note, I asked very specifically what went wrong and what was replaced - no answer at all to what went wrong, and they just replaced the tubing nothing else. Anyone who thinks for more than 2 seconds can realise that if you don't find the source of the problem, the problem is likely to happen again. When I set up the RMA I was told specifically it would be shipped back to me via Freight as that is their own policy - ALL liquid cooled systems especially hard line ones must be shipped Freight, no exceptions. Guess how it was NOT sent back. Not Freight.

The day it arrived back on the Fedex Ground truck, I immediately took pictures of the box because it was damaged so badly I knew that I was going to find problems once I unsealed it. Low and behold, once i opened it up i found that one of the metal standoffs for the glass panels was snapped off under the glass, the board containing the usbs, micro usb and headphone ports on the top of the case was knocked out of line with the openings, and the splatter inside the case from the coolant spill was never cleaned off. Once i documented this, topped off the coolant (that wasn't drained as I was told it would be prior to shipping. Later I was told that i was incorrectly informed and that they only drain some of it to prevent leaking from freeze expansion in transit) and was able to boot up the pc, I discovered even more issues. The temperature readout on the coolant reservoir no longer works, the additional hard drive bays do not recognise drives and drain power from the fans when one is plugged in.

I sent them all of these issues on 12/24-12/26. As of today - 1/14/21 - the issues are still not resolved and I believe they are now ignoring my communication. I filed a complaint with the BBB and continue to call every day to Ron Suzstar, the Senior Customer Service Manager who told me he would be in charge of my order and that they would send me parts to do the repairs and a $700 refund. I requested more of a refund, but they refused with no reasoning. I agreed to this and just want to get the parts, the refund and never deal with them again but they're going to be children about it. My last correspondence with Ron was on Friday 1/8 where he said he would get back to me on Monday 1/11 Afternoon. Radio silence since then.

In the end, if I can show even a single person that Digital Storm is not a reputable company or worthy of your money then this post has done it's job. I have personally had two co-workers ask me my thoughts on ordering the same build I have through digital storm and have recommended to both that they shop elsewhere, and I feel good about that advice.

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I assume this is a US company as you mention dollar pricing and fedex ground shipping.. This is a UK based website but hope you get it all sorted!

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