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    Hi, as some programs say avaiable in surrond sound where avaiable (yes i cant spell avaiable!) :blush: i was just wondering how this is actually possible? I have got a scart to 2 phono going from my tv to my amp but it only sounds good using left right and sub.

    So is the only way to have surrond by having a tv with dolby digital already in it or something? :confused:

    cheers guys
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    They are referring to either Dolby Pro Logic which is an analogue format which encodes a centre and rear channel into stereo or Dolby Surround (an older version) which encodes a rear channel in addition to the L & R channels. The newest version of analogue surround is Dolby Pro Logic II which has Front L&R, Rear L&R and a centre.

    The difference between these formats is that in the orginal broadcast there is no discreet label that routes each channel to a speaker. Instead, minor phasic differences are used to tell the receiving equipment which speaker to use. Obviously this isn't as good as digitally encoded surround sound but creates an atmosphere nonetheless :)

    So to get this surround "where available" you need a TV (or an amp) that is able to decode Dolby Pro Logic.
    I hope that this makes some sense!

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