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Dec 16, 2002
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I have owned a Nikon Coolpix 5700 for a year of so now. Its used for the normal things weddings, family snaps, piccys of my dog etc. My father who has used cameras (SLR) for a number of years just cannot get used to the shutter lag 'perceived' on the camera (His comment is that with an SLR he can pretty much point and shoot (I know its not really that simple but you get the point) but with the Nikon half press to autofocus etc. so by the time he has done all of this in his opinion the subject has left the frame e.g. the dog running around). He has a Canon SLR (a pretty good one with a few extra lenses etc.) and always points out the delay when using my Nikon. The question is would I get performance near to a SLR by say buying a Canon D60 or 300D and then consequently be able to use the lenses from his SLR.

Is it worth getting a high speed memory card for my Nikon (or indeed for a new Canon if I purchased one).

I look forward to your comments.

Many Thanks
If your father has a good Canon, is it a later model or an all manual job? The reason: If it's a later model then it would have AF and the half press would work!

The next point, the 300d, 10d and the D60 (which I wouldn't have due to the 300 being so cheap and 6 mp) need EF lenses (ie with the auto-focus and autoexposure capability) to work. Therefore you'd need to check that your father's camera uses these lenses too.

As for the shutter delay, it is one heck of a lot faster (less than 0.5 second delay I believe) than the 5700. I've used both the Canons and the Nikon dSLRs and they're all fab machines.

Hope this helps

yeah, the lens on your camera will be dead slow. try a canon usm lens and boggle at the speed it focuses.
the short answer is yes, as long as the existing lenses are for an eos
Hi 1ofaKind, I have a 300D and I prefer it to the EOS 30 I had before it. I bought my 300D as a kit which means you get the EF 15-55 lens with it. If your thinking of getting one of these have a look on for the cheapest price, and then ask Jessops to price mach it, that's what I did. I have since added a EF 55-200 lens, a battery grip, and a few lens hoods to my collection. It's a excellent camera IMO, as for the memory card I use a 256MB Sandisk ultra card, you can get the ultra II card now which is faster again. I've added a link to the 300D web site, I hope you find it helpful.

Yeah just to reiterate what others have said. My first digicam was a Fuji Finepix 4900Z which at the time I was very happy with but then I noticed that time and time again I was missing shots due to the shutter lag so for this and other reasons I upgraded to the Canon EOS-10D.

Shutter lag, what shutter lag :D

Well okay that's maybe not quite true. All cameras have shutter lag even manual film cameras (this is a mechanical lag rather than an elecetrical one) but the lag is soooooo small as to not even be an issue.

As has also been said, if your dad has FD lenses they won't work on any of the new DSLR's from Canon which all use the EF lens mount. FD lenses are now worth very little money and you can often pick up 2nd hand telephoto lenses on Ebay for silly money like £50 for a 500mm lens (one went just last month for that!!). The reason for this is that EF lenses are just so much better, not so much in the quality of the optics but in the speed of the focus and exposure.

Canon USM (Ultra Sonic Motor) lenses are amazingly fast, faster than any other lens I have used for Canon cameras, but they do come at a price. Sigma make a huge range of lenses for Canon EF mounts that are much cheaper than their Canon counter parts but you need to be a little bit careful as some of the older ones have to rechipped to work with the EOS range of cameras and also some of them are crap whilst others are excellent. Tamron are another one to keep you eye on, they have a smaller range than Sigma but again are cheaper than Canon and one or two of their lenses give Canon's a serious run for their money.

If you are going to buy a DSLR and your Dad's lenses are compatible with the 300D I would wait until the Nikon D70 is released and then watch Canon drop the price again of the 300D and buy it then.

Originally posted by Peakoverload
If you are going to buy a DSLR and your Dad's lenses are compatible with the 300D I would wait until the Nikon D70 is released and then watch Canon drop the price again of the 300D and buy it then.


Hi Peakoverload, 10D very nice. I don't think Canon will drop there price being as Nikon's D70 will be more or less the same price from what I've read. Trouble with waiting to see what someone else is bringing out is you wait a month or so for the Nikon and a few months after that someone else brings something out better again, and on and on it goes. I really wanted a 10D but it was out of my price range, so I bought a 300D on the day of it's release. Given the choice I'd still have a 10D being that it has a better shutter and a few other extra's, but for now I'm very happy with my 300D.

I have to admit to being a long time Canon user but the 300D just didn't do it for me. Build quality is average at best, although I admit the image quality is excellent. That said I have bought a Nikon D70 from Hong Kong for £650. Image quality is similarly excellent and build is a lot better.

Also, don't get hung up on MP rating (as minimad seems to be) as I would point out that the megapixel rating, be it 6mp, 8mp or whatever, is not really comparable between SLR's and the 5700 et al. SLR's have a much larger sensor. A Nikon D70 has a 23.7 x 15.6mm sensor while a Sony Cybershot 828 8 MP has an 8.8 x 6.6mm sensor. Therefore the equivalent pixel size is 28.37 against 11. In other words the SLR has pixels of much higher quality to it's counterpart Sony.

My old Canon D30 (3MP) comfortably outperformed compact 5MP cameras. Images had much better definition and were more film like.

Hope that makes sense!
Originally posted by witters

My old Canon D30 (3MP) comfortably outperformed compact 5MP cameras. Images had much better definition and were more film like.

I nearly bought a 300D but as soon as I picked one up I knew it wasn't for me - instead I opted for a secondhand D30. Would have liked a 10D but couldn't justify the cost on top of the associated outlay of lenses, cards, cases etc that goes with an SLR so the D30 fitted the bill perfectly.

The D70 looks very tempting now though.
Many thanks for all the replies. I have checked and the lenses we have for the SLR are all EF lenses (I believe the camera is a Canon EOS5000 but I'm not 100% sure).

My father has popped into our local Jessops and they have 300D in stock which they will let him try his lenses / flash card on to see if its to his liking. If so I can then have a search round and get a potential price match (which I did with my Nikon). If he doesn't like the feel then might have to consider the 10d but either way my main queries/concerns have been answered.

Cheers for all the advise.
Did you end up getting a 300D ? I have a Canon EOS IX7 & a few EF lenses so I'm thinking of making the leap too.


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