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Is it worth getting one? These new ones, can you leave them on 24/7?

I want to get one as a gift for a family member, and looking to spend upto £50 max. A photo frame looks like a very nice gift IMHO, any reccomendations, or warnings against particular models, or them as a whole would be great!



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There's a review of them in Digital Camera magazine this month so might be worth a browse in WHSmiths ;)

Ta Moko

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Hi Ash,

I'd advise having a look at the frames up and running before making a purchase, the likes of PC World often have several different types powered up. I've looked at quite a few of these and have been pretty disapointed with the quality of the display, VERY blocky!

The only one's I've been happy with are the ones from either Phillips or Kodak, but they go for around £150. I can't help but think that we're being over charged at the moment, for this price you should be able to buy a hi-rez 19" monitor rather than a pokey 9" Photo Frame.




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The Philips ones were the best I saw when we were looking for my Dad - but they were more than double your budget. The cheaper ones are only 320x200 not the 640x480 or more of the better displays.
Leaving one on 24/7 is pretty wasteful - the Philips ones have internal clock so you can program on/off times which is going to save you money on power and the life of the screen over the lifetime of the gadget.
They also have memory and display options that scale the incoming pictures to fit the screen and store them internally which makes transfering images easier. No video or sound on the one we bought but who wants a tiny telly in the corner bleating out the same clip over and over?

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