Digital Out - Removing Digital Volume Control


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I have managed to put all my cd's onto itunes (well almost all), and connect my pc to my dac using a optical cable.

The only problem i now have is that itunes insists on applying a digital volume control to the music unless you use a airport express. I would assume there would be a sound improvement if this could be avoided.

Does anyone know of anyway around this, as it is driving me up the wall.

Cheers in advance.


Don't use iTunes, simple answer :p Problem is that Windows also does this. You need something like foobar or Winamp with an ASIO plugin and an ASIO driver for your soundcard. Problem with iTunes is that it goes through Quicktime and I could never see a way of making Quicktime use an ASIO driver. I currently have Winamp using an ASIO plugin with ASIO4ALL as my soundcard has no native ASIO driver. Means I get bit-perfect out.

What soundcard and stuff do you have?


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Not really an option, as all the music is on my harddisk using apple lossless. Damn you apple / microsoft.

Anyone any idea why this option does not come as standard.


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p.s. where can i get full details about ASIO from. Is there a website.

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