Digital or Physical Book?

What is your buying preference: a Digital or Physical Book?

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    Votes: 16 50.0%
  • Physical

    Votes: 16 50.0%

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I prefer the kindle, but the books im reading now don't have and ebook version, and im starting to like a physical book again


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I like the smell of new books. I get high on it. But since I don't have a lot of space in my room (I dream of having a library when I get rich), I also have a large collection of ebooks. Mostly Warhammer 40K.


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I now only read Kindle books - either on my phone or tablet. I also often get the audible version as well. Within the kindle app you can switch between listening to the audio (e.g. while out walking) or reading it yourself e.g. while on the train. The app allows you to start reading where you stopped listening.

I now regard having to carry around a physical book so that I could read it on my train journey as a complete hassle. I would much rather read it on my phone instead.

I get through quite a few books so I used to have to make regular trips to the charity shop to get rid of them. I imagine that the rise of ebooks will eventually impact this part of charity shops revenue.

For me once I have read a book I will never read it again - there are too many other new books out there for me to waste time re-reading something that I have already read. Perhaps that is one reason why I do not have much of an attachment to physical books.
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