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Iam Aware of the range of mentioned Problems with current Digital Amps. But are there any that posses a great sound for not much pound ? I used to visit AudioAsylum quite a lot and they were into the panasonic digital amps XR45, SR45`s or something simular and they talked of amazing space and clarity and bass exceeding £££££ amps.

Obviously this was a while back but what are the audiophiles latest choices when it come to digital amps ?

ive not heard one myself yet however ive found that any magazine you read that has the latest models have the all-in-one systems and as i experienced recently with an old aiwa mini system ditiching the paper cone lightweight plastic speakers that are attached to these units and replacing them with hi-fi speakers makes a huge difference to the point where in general terms there wasnt much to choose between this unit as an amp between an older £250 NAD amp i was using. i suspect the majority of poor reviews are linked into bad supplied speakers, power cable + stable mains supplyand not running in properly.

Whats the Pioneer 502 like ?

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