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Has anyone any experience with Digital Eyes? I ordered a DVD-A from them, which they charged for, and supposedly shipped, on 25/02/04. It's not arrived, and I've now sent two e-mails over the past week, which they have not replied to. Anyone else had problems with them?


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When I lived in Abu Dhabi in the late 90's I bought a hell of a lot of DVD's from Digitaleyes. Thought they were superb. They had a great Used section, and also gave you points for each purchase in a loyalty scheme.

I moved back to the UK in 2000 and thought I'd continue to buy from them. First order up was three used DVD's. Two arrived. Despite numerous emails and all my previous business, I never got the third one through... or a refund... or an apology.

At that point they lost the dc007 account....


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Digital Eyes = top of the line "barclays bankers" mate!

You won't ever see a refund out of these ****pots friend. I ordered from them when I first got into DVD and they shafted me royally over a "missing" delivery and flat out refused to entertain a refund of ANY sort, despite a six month campaign of e-mails, faxes and recorded letters :mad:

AVOID THEM - they don't give a ****. without hesitation, a massive :thumbsdow :thumbsdow :thumbsdow from me.

dr_m to calm down again now - I'd almost forgotten about DE (the two most reviled words in the mabuse vocabulary)... clear blue water, clear blue water, happy place, happy place......:clap:


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Well, I suppose I could ring them, but that's kind of defeating the object, as the cost of the call could be substantial, and the missing item was less than a tenner. There's a principal at stake though, so I will go through the motions of sending them one last e-mail, informing them of my intentions to ask my credit card company to recover the money.


Well if your gonna ring them use someone like "justdial" usually only costs 1p minute, you can do a lot of nagging for 50p

Check it out.



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Well.... I just rang my credit card company (Virgin), to ask them to instigate a dispute. The guy asked me to hold... and the next thing I know is I'm talking to Tom from Digital Eyes!! Not quite sure how that worked, but as Virgin is an 0800 number, I guess they paid for the call. :eek: Anyway, Tom seemed like a nice guy, and confirmed that the order had been shipped, but due to a 'computer error', to the wrong customer. He has promised to re-ship my order immediately.

I then questioned the lack of e-mail response, and he said the system had been down, and they had an immense backlog to catch up on. Well, I'll believe that if I ever get a reply to my two e-mails, but nevertheless, I'll be happy if my order eventually arrives, and I have to commend Virgin Credit Cards for their help. :smashin:

Now to wait..... :cool:

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