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i have 2 accounts o my PS3 one for me and one for me son. I have a free account and my son has a PSN+ account.

I have infamous downloaded on my account and i can play it ok. When my son plays it on his account it sees to be a trial and has now expired after playing it for 1 hour. Is there a reason why this would happen? can you not share games like on the 360.

Cheers in advance.



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No it shouldn't do. The games downloaded from PSN are locked to consoles, not to user accounts.
ie all users on the console can play the game. It's how people used to 'gameshare' when Sony had very generous DRM*
eg 1 person would buy the game, download & activate the game on your machine. Your friend could then log in on the friend's machine using your details, download the game & activate on their machine & then delete your account from the PS3 & they could still play the game on their machine, even though your account is deleted!

Your son should definitely be able to play it on his account. Not sure why its not. Might be worth going to the store & looking up infamous & see if there's anything weird in the usage conditions (some games require a constant internet connection).

*Games bought from the PSN store before a Nov 2011 (I think) could be activated to 5 different PS3s. Games bought after Nov 2011 could be activated to 2 different PS3s.

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