Digital Direct Toshiba 32WL66

Manny Brown

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Hi all, after looking through the forum and reading countless reviews i've settled on the Toshiba 32WL66, which for £680 through Digital Direct seems to be a bit of a bargain!

My question surrounds Digital Direct though, how reliable and quick are they generally as a company? I ordered mine on thursday last week via finance arrangement, which was completed yesterday, however have had no word from them on the order being processed.

Phoned them up and the first time I spoke to a chap who said it was being processed and I would get a call back about delivery before 6pm.

Fine, but it got to 5.45 and no callback came. Called them back up and was told by a second chap that they didnt have any record of my first call and that delivery would 'probably be friday'.

Just seems a bit shoddy thats all, and is making me doubt them somewhat if they cant give me any concrete details as to exactly whats happening with the order.

Anyone have any experience with them?


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Used them once, ordered a Yamaha 5:1 speaker set to hook up to my dvd recorder. One speaker only worked intermitantly, e-mailed them with problem, got prompt response and had it picked up and replacement delivered very quickly & efficiently.

I'd use them again personally.


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I bought two things from them and once the finance was sorted, got next day delivery via Amtrak both times. I would use them again. Maybe you've just been unlucky with the delivery driver/firm?


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I bought the 32WL56 TV from Digital Direct. I was more than happy with their customer service, delivery, etc. I would definetly recommend them and use them again.

Manny Brown

AVF Games Reviewer
Its all ok, they phoned me back twice this morning :)

Must have been busy or got in a tangle yesterday, delivery scheduled for Friday, cant wait!

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