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Digital Direct - bad experience

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by amrad, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. amrad


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    Anyone here used Digital Direct before?

    I have had a bad experience with them as follows:

    Ordered a Panasonic TX-28PN1 tv with free freeview box for about £250, sending a cheque on 19th July.
    Chased them and chased them, they claimed that the cheque didn't arrive until 4th August, and it would take 10 days to clear etc.
    Then after more chasing around the 20th August they said that they were having problems with the supply of PN1s and instead would be sending out a 'better' model the PM1. I double checked at this point if it would still come with the freeview box and they said it would.
    The TV finally gets delivered, but with no freeview box. When I call to complain they say that it has a freeview box built in. I retort that I specifically checked that a separate freeview box was being sent and even told them I wanted to use it in the bedroom - have sky in the main room.
    They promise to call me back within half and hour and of course never do.
    Next day I call again and they promise to call back the next day. Surprise surprise no call back.
    Then I finally get through to someone helpful who again says he will call me back because he sees I've been messed around and wants to get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately, no call back from him as well.
    By this point I've realised the TV they've supplied my with is in fact the DTM1 which is listed at £202 on their site!

    The company is impossible to get through to, they don't answer their phones most of the time. Another thing that worries me is they say they record all calls, but don't have a warning at any time that they are recording calls for 'training/security purposes'.

    Any suggestions as to what I should do?


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