Digital Coax Sound Dropping


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Hi, sorry i've posted this within the dvd recorder section also in case it's specific to the sony device.

My new hxd770 hdd/dvd recorder was working fine but just recently i seem to be getting instances of sound dropping when listening using the digital coax output. (Tried two seperate leads although neither are specifically digital coax leads)

This happens during dvd or freeview.
I only have one coax input on my audio amp so cannot check that side easily other than proving that the analogue audio from the sony works fine along with a seperate source into the optical input of my amp.

Therefore, it's either the sony's coax out or my amps coax in that is the problem.

Has anyone had similar problems with digital coax? There may be 5/10 mins between each drop.




It's a problem with your Coaxial wire. Get a new good quality coaxial interconnect cable and then connect the components.


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You already diagnosed the problem when you wrote "Tried two separate leads although neither are specifically digital coax leads".

You don't need anything exotic, but you do need a digital coax lead.


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Can you borrow another dvd player from a friend/relative to try out.
It is extremely unlikely to be anything to do with the cables you are using unless by some fluke you have two faulty leads. You DO NOT need a special digital coax lead - any lead will do the job as long as it is properly made - ignore the marketing rubbish spouted by cable makers ;)


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Thanks for the replies.

After some more checking i believe it is actually the lead. I have read loads about not needing a really expensive one and about using a good quality "yellow" plugged video lead as a alternative. One place even mentioned about intermitent drop outs with perhaps several minutes between each drop. (Sounded very familiar)

The original lead that did work but then went dodgy was a yellow video lead, the second was an audio lead. As luck would have it, i found another yellow video lead and the sound has been fine using this.

I have now ordered a new digital coaxial lead off ebay, certainly not an expensive one though. :)

thanks for the help



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i've never had drop outs using any lead for co-ax digital. the only time i did have problems was when i tried to use a 10m rca cable to do it, which is fair enough - it wasnt the best rca cable and 10m is a fair distance.

you certainly dont need any 'proper digital cable' for short runs.

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