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Digital coax - Help



Before I pitch a 42" plasma TV into the street, any help with the following would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Sony STR-DE597 receiver. I just bought a Phillips DVP5140 DVD player. It replaced a DVP-540 which was connected to the receiver via optical. It worked great. But the 5140 oly has coaxial digital output (I really hate this crap). So I bought a digital coaxial cable. Actually, I have 3 and I've tried them all. Here's the procedure:

- I connected the coaxial cable from the "Digital Out" jack on the DVD player to the "DVD Coaxial IN" jack on my receiver.
- In the DVD player menus, I have a setting for digital audio. Either Off, All or PCM Only. It's currently on All, I tried PCM also.
- On the front of my receiver there's an "Input Mode" button. It rotates between Coaxial, Analog and Auto. It's set to Coaxial. If I set it to Auto it jumps to Analog.

I get no sound. Nothing at all. I've tried 3 different cables and every combination of settings on both units. Analog works fine but it's not the same thing of course. Are all 3 cables bad? Is the DVD player's digital output bad? Is the receiver's input bad? Where do I begin without spending endless dollars replacing components? Should I buy a converter to go from coax to optical and is that the problem?

Any advice? I'm pretty sure I understand the technology but 2+2=5.



One odd question... Can I test the continuity of a digital coaxial cable by using it as a standard RCA cable? I mean, if I replace one of the analog audio outpu cables on a device with the coaxial one, should I hear sound from that channel?

Thanks again!


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You should be able to use any cable with RCA connectors as a basic digital interconnect. There are several good reasons to use something designed as a digital cable, but any lead should pass through the signal. I've frequently used one for testing purposes.

You shouldn't need a converter, but it's difficult to know where it's going wrong. Is there any way that you can try another DVD player or another amp? Perhaps try it at a friend's house.



I have determined that all my cables are good. I've tried coaxial outputs from my TV, DVD player and Cable stb and they all make my receiver say "Unlock", indicating there's some problem with the signal but all 3 gadgets returning digital signal errors? I think my receiver has a problem with coax and I've posted in the recevier forum.

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