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I find buying digital cameras really frustrating, is there a good search enging out there for DigiCams that allow you to search by specifications, there's a few I'm really interested in.

I'm looking for

4 megapixel+ camera
3x or more optical zoom
Fast release time lag
Long(ish) shutter speeds available for night shots
Preferably AA battery power
Compact(ish) - not looking for a big SLR type jobby

I like the looks of the Casio QV-R40, just wondered if anyone else had any suggestions at comparible prices?

(Just noticed the QV-R40 doesn't do continuous shooting, which is another thing I would like)


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Do you have a budget?

Your spec covers an awful lot of modern camera's, a budget will help to narrow it down a lot


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Well, I think the casio goes for about £180, so thats a start, but if the extra £20 made a big difference then I guess anything up to £200, then of course I'll have to buy memory on top of that.

The fast shutter response is real important for me, just can't find anywhere that reports on these in a simple format.


I would reconsider your smartmedia requirement as no cameras are made anymore that use smartmedia. And many manufacturers are discontinuing the production of the cards themselves. Obvously they will not be impossible to obtain but it might be easier to go for a more common storage.


is there a good search enging out there for DigiCams
I did a quick search on the above site and put in your max price, 3x optical zoom, 4Mp.
The results were a choice of 25 possible cameras to choose from.

Not too sure about the 'Fast release time lag' though or AA batteries, but worth a closer look.



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Cheers Mark I know about that but as I say, release time is key and I can't get any details from there, looking for some user experience and help.


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Ok, think I've whittled it down a bit

Now looking at

Canon Powershot A80
Casio QV-R41
Samsung Digimax V40 (very new, if anyone has found a good review of this I'd be interested)
Kodak LS743

Leaning towards the V40 at the moment due to the video capabilities and the ability to overide shutter/aperture times, just need a review to see what the shutter release lag is like on it.


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Comments in the forums and experience with my own, recently bought, lesser-specced Canon A60 would suggest that the A80 is to be recommended.

I bought the A60 as a low-budget and easy to carry(!) alternative to my SLR. Funds were (er, are :rotfl: ) low, but I wanted the flexibility of manual control (including some of the features that you mention). After two or three months, the little A60 is holding to its promise.

The Canon range was also noteworthy in its use of Compactflash memory cards. Er... they're cheaper! Generally! :clap:

Regarding video, perhaps it is best to consider that a 'bonus'? After all, it isn't usually the primary purpose for use of such a camera...

Incidentally, the video mode on the A60 has proved to be surprisingly effective - even at 15 frames per second. However, though it is nice to have for those occasional moments, it couldn't be considered a 'true' substitute for a video camera.

In terms of specification listings and reviews a quick Google search, using model numbers and/or 'review' should return manifold relevant sites - as will use of the forum search button. I recall listing several sites, during recent months and know that others have done the same - so either route should prove fruitful.

One last note on the Samsung...

A very brief search brought forth the camera at the Amazon.com site. Not knowing your location or if you have a 'deadline' for purchase, I can't say if it is relevant; but it appears that, for America at least, the camera isn't due for release (no pun!!!) until the end of June.

Enjoy your reading and good luck with your future purchase :)


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I spend most of my time scouring specs and links here... but you should expect to either be able to work out exactly what you want... or be completely bamboozled by so much info and end up feeling like there is no perfect camera for you. At least that's kinda what happenned to me :suicide:

All the best in your search,



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Wow, that's a great website - I've actually now bought a Canon A80 - haven't got round to playing with it yet but the reasons for my decision were:

1. Full aperture / focus / shutter control.
2. 3x optical zoom with ability to add a teleconverter
3. AA Batteries
4. Apparantly good start up time and due to manual controls ability to set up a Leica-esque "Snap" mode on one of the custom settings.

Video mode was sacrificed (A80 only goes to 320x240) but probably didn't need it anyway.
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