digital cable to pioneer plasma?

mark rosser

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I have a 502mxe pioneer plasma and want to get the best picture quality from my digital cable box.

The digital cable box is capable of outputing RGB through the SCART.

At the moment I have a cable from the digital box going into my Denon AVC A11SR amp. The digital box end has a SCART plug, the amp end has stereo left/right/in/out and picture (composite). The amp then connects to the plasma with composite picture. I have seen advertised in HCC mag the PRESENTER 1 - (CM345S) SCART RGB - XGA CONVERTER from Lektropacks, which seems to provide a solution. This would send an upscaled picture to the plasma via a 15 pin D plug, and then send stereo sound to the amp.

Any views on this bit of kit?

Any other / better suggestions?:confused:


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I have an unused and still boxed 'sync seperator' which is a scart to 15pin vga adapter which I bought from Lectropacks for another project and never used. This is for sale if you want it.

The presenter 1 will do the frequency doubling that an LCD computer monitor requires, the presenter 4 doesn't so didn't work in the way I needed. It will work with a plasma though.

mark rosser

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consciouspnm, thanks for the offer, but it doesn't appear that your adaptor will cope with sound to my amp, and there is no seperate sound output from the digital box.

The presenter 1 has audio left and right which I require.

thanks anyway.

does anyone else have a 'Baldrick style' cunning plan???


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I've had a 502 for a few years. I use the 502 to switch audio for VCR, PC, and Cable(RGB) though the final output is only via a 3.5mm jack (yuk). This goes back to the audio decoder for dolby surround etc. The DVD goes into the 502 via the BNC connections with a direct optical feed to the audio decoder for 5.1 sound. Apart from the DVD the sound then switches nicely with the picture source with no need to do anything with the audio decoder.


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Have a look at the JS Tech Scart-VGA converter from These are excellent quality devices and are highly regarded on this forum. As regards the higher price, you get what you pay for...


mark rosser

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Thanks Dutch, it looks like the JSTech converter operates in a similar way to the Lektropacks Presenter in terms of connections, and then ouputs VGA resolution. The Lektopacks product does upscaling to XGA and WXGA, so not sure if this would suit the plasma better? The price for both is very similar.

Also, it would be nice to take the digital box output to my new PJ (marantz S3), and I am assuming a 15 pin d plug splitter cable would allow me to do this?

Thanks for the response.

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