Digital Cable quality (DVI & HDMI)


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Ok guys, pls help a newbie figure out what to buy! :)

The question I can't get my head around is are expensive DVI or HDMI cables worth it? Since the cable is transferring digital signals, do I actually "lose" any quality. Because I will need a 5m run from where I plan to plug my equipment to where I am to put the TV, expensive cables are going to be....well expensive!

Am I making sense?



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As long as they adhere to the relevant standards and are properly constructed, one cable is the same as any other. Quite simply there can be none of this analogue flibble that people go on about with analogue cables.

That said, there are plenty of cables out there that don't work properly but that's because they weren't designed properly, and not because they weren't soaked in yak's milk and embroidered with silver butterflies.

You can't go far wrong with the cables from Lindy. They work correctly and are fairly priced.


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