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Mar 15, 2002
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Birmingham, UK
Hi all, just got digital cable (telewest broadband) fitted but the picture isn't in wide screen, its just normal stretched, plus i seem to be missing about half inch of picture all around the screen compaired to when i watch tv through my arial. any ideas of what settings i can change, i cant even find a menu for the setup ???
Its a PACE DI4000-T box.

Press the "TV guide" button on your remote and then I think you pick options from the menu then display settings. Once in change it to RGB and widescreen. Its a weird place to put it but that's cable for you

Hey Baggy,
Ive had ntl digital for a while now and was wondering if you maybe having the same trouble, being that some channels are transmitted in stereo while some aren't. Its not that its old movies or anything like that, it just seems like somebody at ntl has forgotten to enable stereo.
Sorry kmg, but what's stereo sound got to do with widescreen settings? I don't think you read the post properly but just for the record I've had ntl since the beginning and the digital service always transmits in stereo. Sounds like something else is causing you problems.
hey mandlebrot you are a star :D , the menu was right where you said it was, silly place for it, and it was set on 4:3 Now all i wonder is why didn't the install bloke set that up??? :mad:
No problem Baggy69, I'm glad to help. If I can help you with anything else cable related then please ask and I'll do my best to answer:)

Don't ask how to fix the poor pixilated pictures (quick rant at NTL)that we have on certain channels though, has although I wish I could sort them I can't:(

Come on NTL get your finger out and stop over compressing the b***dy channels :mad:
Very sorry, I wasn't referring to widescreen settings, I was just wondering if anybody else maybe had this trouble with ntl. Sorry for the mess up Guys!:rolleyes:
No problem kmg

Is your NTL digital box connected connected to the TV or an amp for the sound?

How is it connected e.g. scart, RF cable or phono's?

How do you know that its mono i.e. does the sound only come out of one speaker or is it the TV/amp's on-screen display that informs you?

Please answer these questions even if you feel they are stupid and then maybe I or someone else can help you with your problem.

Hi mandlebrot,
Cheers for your reply. Right the digi-box is connected to a SCART splitter box along with my DVD player and PS2 and then on to my TV, all fully wired SCART cables, audio is sent via L+R RCA cables to my reciever from the digi-box, Co-ax digi from DVD and Optical from my PS2. Now the only reason I think some of the channels seem to be mono is the only sound coming from anywhere is my centre speaker while Sky1 sound pretty mint.
It just seems odd to me that channels like UK Gold 1+2 have shown some of the Red Dwarf series, the older ones and the more recent up dated ones, and they have been in stereo or surround respectively, while channels like Discovery(all) have brand new stuff coming out nearly every month, yet it's all in mono.
Sorry mandlebrot if thats a bit over the top but I hope it helps a little.

Cheers kmg
Hi kmg

No that's not over the top, its the kind of info I wanted. I will try to check out a few programmes on the Discovery channels tonight to check out the sound and let you know my findings.


I have now checked out the Discovery channels on NTL digital and you are right sound only comes out of the centre channel. So it is down to either Discovery or NTL. I hadn't noticed this before because I only watch Discovery very late at night with the volume very low.

Maybe you should post an email to both Discovery and NTL to see if you get a proper explanation, that's if they even bother to reply. I don't hold much hope of NTL being able to give a technical reply unless you get lucky though.

You could also post a general post asking sky digital customers to check this out for you on this forum, this would at least determin if it's an NTL fault or just the way the Discovery channel transmits.
Anyone had the prob. with sky1? There's a guy posted with this trouble on telewest. I've got several mono channels, but never watch sky1, kids watch pokemon occasionally, but I've no idea if that's made in stereo, it's so cheap & tacky!
Cheers mandlebrot,
At one time I thought It might 'ave been me. You Know The loony, but ntl is pretty good, it just upsets me that some times paramounts new "frasier" series looks awful, yet the geographic channel is spot on( in the desert) any hoo, thank you for your intererst. yer A Star....... CHeerz. Mandlebrot,

P.S. Mandlebrot, Where Did you get that name.....Shhhhh
Its a secret......................
Mandlebrot, visually
Ntl is pretty good, some times it looks awful, yet it can look OK. I still recon its down to how the bloke at the other end feels, you know friday afternoon. Any way thankyou very very much for replying and paying attention to what is bothering me .......... Thank you very much.....

All the best

Hi Kev

No problem although apart from confirming your problem I've done nothing to solve it. Yes I agree that NTL can at times look awful and at others great, me thinks it’s a combination of that Friday feeling and greed.

Oh by the way the name, think mathematics and the pretty pictures it can create. I'll say no more ;)

Steve :)
Nice, now I get it. Anyway what IS stopping high end firms like sky1 from transmitting in widescreen while dodgy bidup:tv can do it with ease., Jesus even "screenshop" is in widescreen and thats not even a proper channel?

From what I remember Sky believe they should transmit in whatever the majority of there customers have and for some strange reason they still believe that to be 4X3 and will continue to be so for some time. They now say they are catering for the few who has a widescreen by having a widescreen channel. Wow 1 widescreen movie channel, I don't know where they get the figures cause from what I can tell nearly everyone who buys a new TV gets a widescreen version but unfortunately they say we are the minority and last time I spoke to them they said less than 1% of households have a widescreen.

Looks like it could be a few years yet :(
I dont mean to get all political but I guess while sky have pretty much the monopoly on digital transmissions and whatever else they have there grubby mits on we will just have to like it or lump it. Its just bloody annoying!:mad:
Sorry, you are completely wrong.

Sky will begin to broadcast Sky News in widescreen from 16th October, with Sky One to follow in the weeks to come.

There is a considerable capital investment to broadcasting in widescreen and it will just take time.

The shopping channels which broadcast in widescreen - and there are not many - have newer equipment which is WS compatible.
Sorry jim.rae but just because Sky are finally going to change 2 channels into widescreen that does not mean we've got it all wrong has Sky has many more channels than these. We know changing to widescreen format cost money but again that does not mean we have got it all wrong.

We may have bits wrong, I don't claim to be perfect and it seems that some of my info may now be outdated but you can't just make a statement like that without giving a full explanation showing where we are wrong.

Lets all hope that Sky change all or most of there channels into widescreen format very soon, 2 channels is a start but lets see more widescreen material.

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