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    I have read about digital cables and feel that alot can be done to keep jitter low and prevent other disturbances like noise induction, etc. To be staight forward, I know very little and need a few hints. First off, I read a few things about jitter over at The main thing I picked up is that jitter must be avoided for digital recording because if music is recorded with jitter the original and potential quality is lost forever.

    While working my way through the forums I came across two types of digital cables:

    1052 Argento Digital Interconnect from Ixos which cost about £40.- one meter
    Nite Series Digital Interconnect from Virtual Dynamics for about £450.- one meter

    Both manufacturers seem to have a total different approach to combat jitter. While Ixos uses silver plated oxygen free copper, the Virtual Dynamics is cryogenic treated. My feeling tells me that the Ixos cables would be the better choice. They are silver plated and this (I guess) is good for high frequency. I read something about skinning effect?

    The above info is collected and I don't really know what happens technically within the cables. I'll choose to stand to the sideline and let the pro's give their opinion. My main Question is, which cable is truely the better choice? Maybe it would be best to get a digital cable used in recording studios?

    Last but not least. I want to connect a Meridian DVD596 to a 568 processor.

    Thank you and regards
    Sly Fox

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