Digital/Analouge, denon 1803 , dcd685


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On a denon DCD-685 cd player , u can either have digital (optical) out, or left/right analouge out.

Which one is best to use to go straight into a Denon avr-1803???

I gues this is going to do with the DAC's on the cd player and the one in the denon 1803?

Does any1 know which is technically better?

If i take the cd players DAC , hence having to use the left/right analouge outputs, will this degrade quality?

I have found so far that the 1803 DAC is sharper on cd music, but the analouge is smoother but a bit to bassy.

any one else with similar probs or got any suggetsions?


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Why not have them both connected and just flick between the two depending on what mood you´re in? Best to connect one of them to another input, VDP or something, so its easier to change between the two.

I prefer the DAC´s in my Denon amp compared to those in my Denon CD player.

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