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hi i just put a freeview box that i was given for free (panasonic) on to my old samsung tv...

the digital channels all seem to be coming up great so far. however, when going back on to analogue, the channels are good as ever apart from BBC1 which is a terrible picture now!

any ideas why this one channel has decided to get worse, and how to fix it? also... as for recording from the box, do i need to set up to record from AV1? i have it going ariel > stb > vcr > tv. thanks


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The STB may be transmitting from the RF on the same or similar frequency to BBC; check what cannel it is outputting on and try changing it. You can record from AV1 or from the RF out.


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Use scart leads :

If your TV only has the one scart socket (which I am assuming) then connect according to this diagram.


If your TV has two scart sockets then connect like this :



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You can only record from the RF out if the STB in question has an RF modulator...and the OP has ommited to give us the model no.

It is probable that the OP has either the TU-CT20 or TU-CT30 both of which have a modulated RF output for which the transmission channel can be changed. It is also more likely that since all that has been added to his setup is the STB then it is the STB that has caused the problem. As the problem is one of narow range/effect the most likely culprit is the RF modulated output.

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