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    Hi. Talking of the Sony TRV140E and 240,a friend of mine has this (the 240) machine now priced at £450, and it is amazing value. I thought it produced far better images than my panasonic mini-DV and the thing is bult like a house brick, lovely and solid unlike certain other brands that feel less stable. Even on Long play mode I was very impressed with the sharpness and colour saturation, and the only difference I could notice myself was slight loss of high frequencies on sound, but nothing in visual terms.

    Thinking of getting one myself, but what is the future of D8 I wonder in the long term. There are many models on the market of course and they do seem the same quality as mini DV to me, and I prefer the slightly weightier and solid build quality.

    Anyone else any thoughts.
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    Digital 8 and it's inventors Sony use a similar codec as DV to encode onto the twice the size D8 tape.Hence the results are virtually identical and the D8 camcorders are bigger and heavier.

    I've just sold my Sony D8 TRV120 and bought the ultra compact Panasonic GX7 and they are both brilliant.The good thing about the Sony's is the extra x15 zoom you get that can fit into the bigger bodies.

    Both the Sony and Panasonic have great build quality.They need to be tough for the probable knocks they get from being carried around with you on hols etc.

    D8 should be around for a while yet,as Sony are a big supportive brand.

    You'll have to weigh up what you want out of a camcorder before you buy.They all have similar features.

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