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I have a netstream system with a couple of Digilinx touch panels in my house. I want to update the software on them and make some changes to the setup but as far as i can see I will need the Dealer Setup Software in order to do this - but I am not a dealer, just a user who doesn't want to pay a fortune for an installer to regig my system.

Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the software?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.



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Without asking you to spill beans, what happened to the installer that put it in for you?

There are a good number of us on here who are DigiLinX dealers and I am sure we would be happy to help out as best we can.

However, the dealer setup software does require training and the purchase of a demo system to be able to prove and learn the system. It has a number of 'foibles' (spelling) which could kill a system fi you are not careful.

I also used to a rep for the UK distributor, so if no-one here can help I should be able to help you track someone down.




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Thank you Vex and HickmottJ for your responses.

I am in the UK, South London to be precise.

When I had my house gutted the installer suggested a wonderful integrated system etc etc, it will do everything etc and it is great but as with many of these "clever" systems it is far too clever and takes an age to start up. So after that and his insistence on charging more than the average weekly wage - per day, for programming which I didn't feel he really understood, I no longer want to use him.

I am a technical person and I appreciate you should pay for a skill set but we are talking programming here not surgery... but I will save that rant for another time.

OK so I have no config files, no paperwork on how it was setup and no instructions on what is going on.

The following was installed - Net stream system with speakers in each room, touch link panels in each room and a LCD panel in the living room. There is an Audio Request system and all this is racked next to the plasma along with the Virgin Media boxes, DVD, wireless internet, play station etc. There are also two streaming points where I can plug in my iPod or radio etc.

The idea was this could be controlled from a laptop, from the Digilnx LCD or from the Nokia 770 tablet.

Now it all works, just not very efficiently. For example, if everything is left on the noise of the Audiorequest and Net stream is massive and the heat ouput quickly takes the cabinet to what I would call an unacceptable temperature so it has to be switched off after every use (no standby mode). To play music I have to start up the whole system, go to the panel, select room, select source, select artist, select song, stream - then I have to select the next room, select source, start to stream etc etc.

Now I am unable to control the room music from a laptop, from the browser I can see the control panel and select the room but there is no audio selection and I cannot see any music. If I browse to the audiorequest unit I can see the player but if I play something it doesn't come out of the room speakers because I imagine it is going out to a feed on the back of the box and not being streamed to the room speakers. The Nokia tablet worked - until I updated the software (It was 18 month old) and then found the backup wouldn't restore. I now cannot get it back onto the wireless network - but this is a side issue.

I have sniffed my network for all IP addresses and tried browsing to each and everyone but no joy.

So here was my theory, the dealer software would pickup the units on the network and I could confirm which IP address the touch panel was. I could also update the software on everything and finally I could attempt to setup some sort of multiroom one touch - we either want to listen to the Audiorequest or Living Room stream but throughout the house.

Overall I just want to make use of an expensive system that I feel was poorly thought through with regards to ease of use.

Sorry I have rambled. Thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

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The power supply does indeed generate some serious noise. The AudioRequest servers are noisy but probably the best.

I have a Netstreams in mine and I have located the power supply in a different room, not the living room. I ended up using an Escient server because it is quiet like nothing else. I knew all that from the beginning, so there is no need to switch the system off. The power supply should be ok in the cabinet, just take the server out and see if you can place it somewhere else in the house, not a big deal.

The panel should have a "multi room" button on the top, allowing you to start the music in all rooms with the press of a single button.

The main issue is that you switch your system off, and it takes a few seconds to power up. Every time you power it up you need to re-adjust the EQ levels in every panel. It is not meant to be powered on and off.

You probably have the most sophisticated system when it comes to distributing audio. It sound that noise is your main concern. I believed they were gonna make some quiet power supplies, just ask them.

I have an Audiorequest server hooked up with my AMX, and I had to open it up, swap the power supply and slow the fan down. It was a surprise at first. I could hear it from the other end of the house .I did a top opening on the lid too. At the end, I just took the lid off :D
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I am in London at least once a week and depending on your 'south london' address I would be happy to pop in to see the system and give you another installers opinion if that helps.

I am keen not to tread on your installers toes, but equally if you are not happy then it is your choice to look else where. IMO not leaving you with documentation and the like is a bit old school, times have changed and I think we need to leave information with clients for a comfort feeling.

WRT Heat issues, the DigiLinX PSU's and Amps do run hot and it is also possible to monitor the performance and temperatures within your Request online.
PM me your details and we'll see what we can do.



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