Digihome PVR80 (similar to Hitachi HDR081?) lifeless


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My Digihome PVR80 was restarting itself, very quickly, every minute or so. I unplugged it a few times but this did not help. I then left it unplugged overnight and now it is absolutely dead - no disk/fan noise and nothing on the display.
Any ideas? Or time to buy a new one?
Luckily my ancient VHS VCR is still going strong so I can watch tapes at least!
Thanks for any suggestions.


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From your description it is almost certain that a capacitor has blown/failed on the PSU board - it is not uncommon on these models of PVR that stop working. Ironically, leaving it unplugged overnight will have been the final nail in the coffin, although in reality it was a safe thing to do. The good news is that it is possibly an easy fix and cheap fix - see PVR80 died - Digihome - Digital Spy Forums for more details.


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Thanks yet again; this is the second time you have helped me this week - I have two PVRs.
It looks like you are right - there is a small capacitor on its side with a big bubble of gunge coming out of its base. I am sure that my son will be able to fix this.
My Mum's similar Hitachi PVR has gone dead, and I bet it is the same fault.
Thanks again - much appreciated.

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