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Hi All,

I've looked at the various threads regarding the Digihome pvr and have seen the post regarding the Evesham pvr160. The Evesham PVR160 manual suggests there is s-video on the VCR scart socket and some peeps seem to think the boxes (Digihome PVR160 and Evesham) are the same.

So can someone with a Digihome PVR80\160 confirm whether it has s-video on one of the scart sockets? I'm most interested in the Digihome PVR80.



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I've had the PVR 80 since Saturday. You can select RGB-CVBS-Svideo on the scart socket. I have not used Svideo so cannot comment on how good it is.
First impressions is thst this box is very good for the money. Hopefully I won't have to eat those words!!;)


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cheers for the reply.

As you're happy with it I assume the picture quality is good? I've read elsewhere that it is.



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I managed to get hold of a few graded PVR80s, so I can help out with a few comments if you don't mind me butting in...;)

Firstly, RGB picture quality is excellent - one of the best freeview pictures I've seen. Also, the 7 day EPG is also excellent, I prefer the layout (similar format to Sky Guide) to any of the other budget boxes, including my own Fusion. :smashin:

The only downsides to these boxes are no editing facilities, and no twin record - although this can be added with a DIY firmware upgrade. The twin-record firmware has a side-effect that it does slow down the EPG however... Another minor issue is that the timeshift buffer is only activated by pressing pause, it doesn't run continuously - unless you pause for a few seconds then restart.

Apart from these snags, they are an excellent basic freeview recorder. I've seen negative comments about the looks, but personally I think they look fine.



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Cheers sparky for the comments, gives me confidence in buying one. Sounds just right for us i.e. a good picture, but as it's basic (like our TV watching habits) the price is kept low.


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