Digifusion FVRT150 Problems and replacement advice


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I have the FVRT150 and although I don't use it much I have found it reliable other than a couple of lock ups. Until the begining of the month when I set it to record some stuff while I was away on holiday but when I came back I found the machine locked up and upon a reboot found it had recorded nothing! A week later the wife wanted to record something and again found it locked up so again it was rebooted. A few days later I found it locked up again and now it will not tune in and to to cap it off it has lost all my recordings I haven't managed to watch yep :mad:

I'm wondering if anyone else has had any issues with this machine?

I'm also wondering if I can get a refund if there is a better machine out there now as to be honest the fan noise did get on my nerves sometimes.




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I purchased the Fusion fvrt 150 about 6 months ago. It worked great out of the box. I had done some previous homework on the box after visiting various forums.There were problems reported with the box .I was willing to take a chance because their was also some very good reports from people who were highly satisfied with it.
After about 6 weeks I had the self same problem that you describe the box was useless to me.I had purchased the said box from an online company. They immediately sent me out a replacement box .This box failed after 30 mins I kept on rebooting etc I couldnt get the box to work at all. By this time I was a bit fed up to put it mildly . I had my old unworking box packed up and ready to go back to the online store(I was using the packaging off the new arrival to pack the old one up).I remembered from the forums I had visited previously, someone posting some info regarding the power supply getting to hot which then shut down the box.I could have fried an egg and half a pound of bacon on this the second power supply.I then swapped over the first failed box power supply with the new box and now afte 4 months the new box with the first power supply is working without a hitch.The moral of this story is take it back and try another manufacturer. ( two failed boxes and if I hadnt read about the power supply problem I would have sent that box back as well and I would definately have tried some other manufacturer) Some of the bods on the forum had tried a propriety power supply that worked well also.I dont know what your problem is down to.It could be one of many .Take another look at the various other options open to you.
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