Digifusion FVRT100 signal problems

Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by Peter Baker, May 24, 2005.

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    I am hoping someone can offer some advice on reception problems on Freeview, and particularly on a Digifusion FVRT100 PVR/Tuner.
    I live in Central London in a flat, so cannot access or fiddle with the aerial. I also am not permitted to install an external aerial.
    I installed a fvrt100 a couple of months ago, and found that I had problems with digital blocking on Channel 5, and a variety of other channels. I believe these are all on Mux2 coming out of Crystal Palace.
    On looking at the signal strength meter, it seems fine at c 63%, but the error rate is very high. Interestingly, the second tuner picks up a different channel,(25, not 32) and appears not to have the same error rate. However whenever I set the first tuner to channel 25, it resets itself back to 32 virtually instantaneously, and the problems persist. I have tried an internal aerial, but this loses other channels, and is not consistent with Channel 5.
    This is driving me nuts, as I really wanted to use the PVR section as an adjunct to my tivo, which works off an analogue cable feed.
    So I have two questions.
    Firstly, does anybody know how to fix the tuner within the Digifusion so that it sticks on 25?
    Secondly, is it worth trying any other freeview pvr to see if the reception is better? I was thinking of the topfield.
    Thirdly (whaddya mean I said two questions?), are there any other suggestions for improving signal. I have tried boosters and attenuators to no discernible effect.
    Many thanks

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