Digibox/HD Viewing Card Woes!


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Hello all,

long time reader and a noob to these forums.

Let me fill you in on my troubles with sky.

Ordered HD on the 28th of June for an install to be done of the 26th of August, quite a bit away. I had just moved into my new house and thus had no sky, aerial/freeview reception was terrible and thought I should order a normal digibox in the meantime until the HD install (big mistake !).
Well had the digibox install set for the 12th of July and a few days before no viewing card had appeared and still nothing for a few days afterwards. This is where my troubles began. Seemed I had messed up trying to think that sky could arrange a viewing card to be sent for the digibox while the HD install was pending. When I called the system just simply couldn't issue a card because of the HD install.

This is some of the email to '[email protected]' (saw this address in the of the posts for someone to contact) with info about dealing with Customer Services.

"Contacted Customer Services on 4 occasions,

First time was told it was a mix up because I had ordered Sky HD and then a normal digibox which caused an issue with the cards. Was told a card would be sent out in a few days.

Second time had to explain the issue again and your representative said the system would not allow her to issue a card for the box, so she would talk to Viewing Card dept and they would sort it out. Asked to be informed with a phone call when it was sorted, no one called.

Third time went through to your call centre in India and explained the situation again, was now told that I didn’t actually have Sky and how can a card be sent out for it! Was also told that when HD install was due a card would be sent out then and the rep kept insisting that I didn’t have Sky. Tried to explain my situation, which he wouldn’t accept, asked to be put through to a Supervisor, to be told that they would tell me the same thing and he couldn’t put me through anyway. Hung up the phone in frustration.

Fourth time, through to India again and to cut a long story short, the lady said she would send a message to her supervisor to sort out and someone would call me when sorted, again no call.

Every time I have called I have been put on hold for at least 10 minutes at a time and has usually been quite a long call, presumably costing me quite a lot.

Have been forced to watch simply the free channels that appear without the card, which is not exactly a huge list of quality tv for around a month now.

I would hope this can be sorted out soon and would hope I could be compensated somehow for my first disappointing experience with Sky.

At the moment I'm just resigned to waiting for the HD install to sort all this out, any ideas??

Thanks for any replys.

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