Digatalb Vs ART

Can I use the TECHNO 1500 CI+ with both the digitalb and ART cards (at different times obviously and dual lnb). Am I right in deducing from my search that the Digitalb card has english speaking movies on aswel as footie? Confused about the differences benefits.


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Think the receiver has to be patched for it to accept different encryptions i.e viacess, irdeto etc but both cards will work ok in the Technomate.You can get the patch and loads of info from Satdudez site (Below)

Art package - Has 95% of the english prem league footy..maybe more and they all have eng commentary such as David pleat,Martin tyler etc.Great choice of sat afternoon games :smashin: The art package also has movie channels...but they are in arabic only.

Digitalb - Not as much premiere league footy as ART, but has movie channels with eng audio and also a couple xxx channels.

If you can afford both then go for it.If you want just mainly football then go for the art card.One other thing to mention is that the 2 satellites you are after are only 3 degrees apart.Dual output LNB's are designed for satellites 6 degs apart i.e Hotbird 13east and Astra 19east.You can buy narrow neck lnb's such as ALPS but i would check with the shop first to make sure it will work.


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I think digiitalb have now lost premiership football, so you might be better off going with a full art card
You can buy narrow neck lnb's such as ALPS?? Can anyone please explain this in more detail? If this would give me ART and DIGITALB through patch and cards, would this be a cheaper option than going fully motorised? All I want is footy with the option of english movies and xxx.


Digital ALB seem to have problem and they dont show the football in future
So its now ART Cards or SKY



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After watching quite a lot of Premiership on TPS (french) and D+ (Spanish), I soon realised how little the commentary actually adds. Apart from that, it's a really easy way to learn a foreign language :)


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If you want movies go for Digitalb, Premiere channel shows very recent films
in fact sometimes they get movies well ahead of sky and other providers in
Europe eg king kong and war of the worlds were shown very early.

If I was you I would go motorised

Here tomorrows line up on premiere to give you an idea

Digitalb TV listings 18th September

Premiere Channel

01.05 Scandal

03:10 Death Tunnel (2005)

05:00 Derailed (2005)

07:00 Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2004)

09:00 Four Brothers (2005)

11:00 Crash (2004)

13:00 Dirty (2005)

15:00 Big Momma's House 2 (2006)

17:00 Lemming (2005)

19:05 The 40 Year Old Virgin (2005)

21:15 Bewitched (2005)

23:00 Firewall (2006)


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