Difficulties in setting up 32pd3000



Hello, I have just taken delivery of my 32pd3000 and the damned thing won't switch on. I have followed the instructions in setting it up closely, and thought that it might have been the switch which connects the screen to the avc box, but i've had that replaced to no avail. The AVC box itself switches on and a red led shows, but when i press the on/off button nothing happens.

Please help

The 42PD3000 has an on off switch on the bottom of the screen itself. If the 32 has this have you checked it? Just a thought.

Also with no signal the screen will turn off after a short time.


:blush: jus logged on. Turns on it was this fault i feel like such an idiot! Anyway, my first impressions are mixed. I've had a little fiddle with the picture settings, but i'm not really good at this sort of thing and the picture looks a bit fuzzy/furry. can anyone reccomend any settings?

Also, the avc box and screen itself seem to be emmiting an annoyin buzz which is quite audible, is this normal and does it subside?

Thanks in advance

ttt, please help anyone experienced the buzzing it's really ticking me off!
yer my pd5000 makes a noise but then CRTs do tansformers etc... I find it noiser in whiter pictures ... simple solution crank the sound and try not to notice it it will go away .. eventually (youll get used to it !!)

It really shouldnt be that loud, put it this way, when my 42pd3000 is on but no sound, I can hear my sky+ hard disk heads moving more than any buzzing, in fact I dont hear any buzzing at all.
The AVC box doesn't make any sound at all for me.

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