Difficult speaker choice.


Oggami Itto

I am about to embark on my first ever crack at home cinema and was hoping I could get a bit of advice. Basically I am stuck between two speaker choices.

I dont know whether to go for svs sbs-01 package


Or the Duo acoustics package


The system will be used for movies(80%) and sports like boxing, football and F1.

I am on a tight budget so the extra money I would save from the duo acoustics would be welcome, but do you think the svs package is worth the extra cash? The other concern I have is it is a small enough room. It is about 9ft(3 metres) wide and 16ft(5 metres) long. Would the DUO acoustics superior system be a bit too much for this room? would I be better going for the standard package.

The other problem I have is I am living in Ireland so product demos are really out of the question. To get a decent set of speakers for a reasonable price I will have to import from Britian and rely on reviews and peoples opinions so any help is greatly appreciated.

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