Different units, same aerial, different channels?!


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We currently have a Sagem ITD 62 upstairs and a Panasonic DMREH60 downstairs, both fed by the same aerial (split with a Telcam splitter).

My question is this: is it common for units to 'find' different channels? For example, the Sagem has channel 37 as SmileTV, yet the EH60 downstairs has channel 37 as Quiz Call (and in fact it can't find SmileTV in the flow). This is ch 36 on the Sagem!?! This is after both units have scanned for new services. :confused:

Also, why does the Panny still show FilmFour as More 4+1??

Fred Smith

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Don't scan for new services do a complete retune i.e. on the Panasonic Auto Setup Restart, should be something smilar on the Sagem i.e. store channels.

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