Different sources to different zones with Yamaha 757


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With the Yamaha 757, is it possible to output one source on the zone A speakers, and a different souce on the zone B speakers?

I don't see any mention of this in the manual, so I assume the answer is no.


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I don't have a 757 so cannot say.

Is yours a RX-V757 or the DSP-AX757 ? Zone 2 stuff only appears to be available in the RX-V757 version, not the DSP one

According to the manual, you can have a different source selected for zone 2. Have a look at pages 76 onwards :)

Although without reading carefully, it's not clear to me whether you have to use the B speaker output or the presence speaker output or a line-level (non-amplified) RCA output. :confused:

edit: Aha :) Go to page 65. There you determine how your zone 2 is used - whether presence speakers, or whether the line-level output (in which case you'll need another amp)



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Thanks for the reply. Is the DSP-AX757 I have, and after reading through the manual again (in particular those pages you pointed out), I'm still not clear.

It mentions that zone 2 is only available in the RX757 (using the presense speakers) version, but I have my front B speakers set up as zone 2, which is what confused me. I'll try those remote comands (p 77) again and see if I have any luck.

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I think you're out of luck on Zone 2.
I believe it's only available on the RX-V757 and yes, you can select a different source. A pre-requisite is use of the analog connects and connection to the presence/speakers, if you want to use the internal amp.


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Yes, it looks that way. I am able to set the B speakers as zone 2, so that if they are on and A are off, then the surround and sub are also off. Doesn't look to be any way to use a different source for A and B though.


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Multi room is only usually available from the surround back speaker outputs, sacrificing 7.1 for 5.1. The A and B speaker posts, are the same amplifier channels so it would be impossible to send different sources down them.

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