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There is a professional audio mixer plugged into a 4K LDS rig and I am having a few issues with the audio levels.

I have 6 year old laptop which works fine, just using windows media player to play music though the system, everything is turned up fully and is plugged in to the PA system though the headphone socket from the laptop to the phono input on the deck.

When using the same cable, plugged into a Asus laptop which is 1 year old (running Windows 7) using media player and everything turned up fully on the laptop, the sound level being received by the mixer is noticeably lower than the previous laptop.

To get round this problem I have tried using many different USB sound cards, including Creative Sound blaster X-Fi USB sound card which gives the same level of output as doing it directly though. There are no further options on the laptop to make it louder at all.

I have tried a Mac Book Pro in the system, connected though the exact same ways, which gave out a higher audio volume.

I can understand the laptop not giving out a good level, but surely once a decent USB sound card is plugged in, it can be improved?

Any one have an idea?

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