Different coloured Sky+ remotes? available or not?


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Other half would like a SKy+ remote for the kitchen to be 'colour coordinated' :laugh:

Can you get them? I have a second Sky+ remote that parents bought me for Christmas a while ago that is silver rather than the grey but they cannot remember where they got it from.

Also the bet price I have seen for Sky+ remote plus link is £22.49 - anyone know of a better deal?


PS - apologies if this is a double entry. It tells me that its already on but it isn't, so have changed title.


I know you can get the silver Sky+ remotes from Currys.

I can't remember how much they cost though.

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Hi Scapegoat,

You can buy a silver Sky+ remote from Argos for £24.99. I got one from there for myself as my husband and I had a power struggle over who kept it!

I'm glad there are other women who think like I do. I am just buying some cream paint to put on an old portable tv and wondering if I dare spray the indoor aerial in the same colour. Just in time I read a post by one of our knowledgeable members that you should use matt paint on a Sky dish, so I suppose that would apply to an indoor aerial too. The silver remote looks quite nice thankfully.


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why not get a learning remote like a harmony H655 £29.7 at dixons and does far more than the OEM remote looks different too
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