Differences of german wii package to uk wii package,plus scans you may need.

audi doody

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Hi reading the thread a few peeps are asking about the difference if any of the german wii to the standard uk wii,i have the german wii and here are the following differences;

Biggest difference is the wii sports game included in the wii,the instructions are in german! not a big deal! just look at the pics! there just instructions on how to play each of the sports,the game itself is english which is important!

Instructions are in english ,just the booklet is bigger! (includes other languages aswell)english is the chapter.

As mentioned the power suppply cord is fitted with a two pin plug,just buy the uk adapter and your good to go!

outside of the box has a bit of german on,nothing to woory about.

Hope it helps......

merry christmas.

***If you do need the wii sports instructions to be english...mail me i have scanned an english manual and have it all in english (full colour scans below),merry christmas to all


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