Differences between Pioneer HDD/DVD Recorders and comparison with E95?

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Struan, Feb 20, 2005.

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    Am I correct in thinking that the only difference between the Pioneer 520H and the 720H is the size of the HDD?

    What are the differences between the 420H and the 520H – the 420 has the same size of HDD, but it is usually much cheaper???

    How does the AV quality of these Pioneers units compare with the Panasonic E95?

    Are there any (slight) delays displaying and using the menus, as there is with the E95, or are they smoother/slicker in operation?

    Are there any (slight) pauses/delays when going from Play to Picture Search, and also, when stepping through the different Picture Search speeds, as there is with the E95 (noticeable on HDD, but worse with DVD), or is this instant like e.g. with a Wharfedale M3 DVD player?

    Is there a start up delay (coming out of standby), and if so, how long (the E95 is approx. 25 seconds)?

    Can you view teletext from a digital satellite receiver through these Pioneers units (when on, I cannot view teletext through the E95, although I may have overlooked something in the set-up?)

    Do the Pioneer recorders automatically name recordings, as the E95 does from analogue terrestrial and most mainland European satellite channels?

    How does the operational noise of the Pioneer recorders compare with the E95 (which is very quiet)?

    Can someone please explain what is meant by ‘full resolution' recordings (I believe the Pioneer gives a maximum of 2h20m and the E95 3 hours)???

    Other than Ram, are there any features that the E95 has that these Pioneer units do not?


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