Differences between Panasonic 6 & 7 series 42" panels



I know this is in danger of becoming an FAQ because it's been touched on a lot but I haven't really found any threads that reached any sort of detailed conclusions and Panasonic themselves are of no help whatsoever. My web searching seems to have come up with the following:

One difference that seems definite is that component input is no longer available via the VGA in the 7 series, so that's a step back.

Other stuff that is confusing because it's not clear from the descriptions as to whether it was already in the 6 series are: "boosts peak brightness by more than 10% (from prior models) and increases the resistance to static-image burn-in to the same level as CRT displays."....... I assume that this is genuinely new to the 7 series.

And now the really confusing stuff: "The 16:9 plasmas are packed with innovative picture-improving technologies including a Real Black Drive System, a Deep Black Filter, Super Real Gamma System, Adaptive Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Motion Picture Disturbance (MPD) Noise Reduction, 3D Color Management, and Active I/P (Interlace/Progressive) Conversion."

What if any of the stuff above is actually new to the 7 series? From some other web site I got the impression that the "Adaptive" bit of the AGC is new to the 7 series. Is this true? How about the rest of it?

One final element that should be pretty straightforward to verify. Most (all?) web sites describe a 6 series BK panel as "black" whereas most (all?) describe a 7 series BK panel as "charcoal". Is the finish on the BK version of the 7 series actually different (lighter) than that of the 6 series or are they just using a different name to describe the same colour?

Finally, and the true test, has anyone actually seen the two side by side from the same source and been in any position to comment on the percieved difference in image quality?

In case anyone cares, the reason I'm asking is that I want a black model and right now I need to pay £1,500 for a charcoal 7-series whereas I could go to Richer Sounds tonight and pick up a black 6-series for £1,200. If there really isn't that much difference then I'm thinking, why wait another 3 months for the price of the 7 series to drop £300 when I could have it now? If there is a percievable difference in image quality though, then I'll wait, or maybe push my budget up to £1,400 so I don't need to wait as long.

- Julian


Best prices I found for Series 7 last week was £1389.94(AV Sales), and
£1253.00 +£80.00 del (Top televisions.co.uk) Inc scart board, if you want to buy over the net


Thanks for the pricing feedback. The problem with the cheap deals on the 7 series is that Panny in their wisdom seem to have limited the consumer model to only silver finish so to get a black/charcoal finish I'm forced down the commercial panel route, and pricerunner only lists 2 sources of those, of which av-sales is the cheapest at £1,507 delivered.

As Cardiff Irons points out, the avsales price does include a "free" stand or wall mount, but I don't need either so it's still dead money for me. I have considered emailing AVsales to see what price they would offer me without the stand but sometimes retailers can be funny with these "free" offers and just won't budge from the advertised package. I'll email them anyway, but I'm interested to let this thread run for a day or so to see what the true story is re 6 vs 7 differences.

- Julian

Cardiff Irons

Standard Member
Yes, I agree. Give them a call Julian, I'm sure they'll sort you something. Can't compare it with the PW6, but the PWD7 (charcoal) sitting on wall is amazing PQ (particularly with the JS converter).

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