Differences between OLED+ and OLED models


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I've been going round in circles for months looking at Philips TV's, reading reviews and then often finding a whole bunch of different model numbers in the shops or online.
I really like the OLED+935, but I'm put off by the soundbar. (numerous reasons), so was thinking is there a same screen from Philips but without the soundbar, what does the + actually refer to?

Looking online I found this:

The term OLED+ includes both the image quality and the audio quality. It is a combination of the P5 image processor with which the image display is optimized, Ambilight with which the viewing experience is optimized and the audio solution from Bowers & Wilkins that gives the audio experience a new dimension. OLED+ is therefore a complete experience.

That statement isn't from Philips, so I don't know how true it is, so have both image quality and Ambilight been optimised?
If not does the 806 or any other OLED have a similar picture to the 935?

Hope this makes sense...

(Have been browsing AVforums for years, but I'm finally able to build a small AV room for myself, so time to ask questions 🙂)


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I’m in a similar position looking for a new OLED, my older Philips OLED 9002 has developed an issue and my other LED Philips has gone bang and won’t switch on, so the panel with the issue will be relegated to the bedroom where the panel that went pop resides.

Anyway, my understanding is that the + is just marketing from Philips for them including the B&W soundbar in the flagship models, the P5/AI processing available should be the same across the 935 and 806 (why are their model numbers so confusing too?)

I would love to own the model with the soundbar included as I don’t have room for a dedicated audio setup, but my autistic son would not be able to keep his hands off it which leaves me having the buy the next best 65” panel down with 4-sides ambilight, which I believe is the 806/856 unless someone can correct me on that. The only difference between those two appears to be the stand. As I’m wall-mounting mine I think that means I should just need to find the best deal on either of those model numbers.

To sum up, I think this is the order for the 2021 models and my current understanding of the differences:

706 - budget tier OLED

806/856 - mid-tier OLEDs (different stands)

936 - flagship OLED+ with 3.1.2 B&W soundbar
986 - flagship OLED+ with 70W 3.0 B&W ‘audiophile’ soundbar and different stand

I don’t know what the B&W soundbar differences are and why one is 3.0 vs 3.1.2 but I think the flagships also have ‘evo’ panels with 20% more peak brightness, I don’t know if the lesser models use the same panels.
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OLED + has:
1.P5 x2. really works and there is a difference. The processor is able to divide the image into zones and adjust the sharpness based on this. Looks very cool.
2. The best sound among TVs


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From a marketing perspective I do not understand why the 936/986 panel isn’t made available without the soundbar. I want to buy the best Philips panel but have no need for an integrated soundbar.

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OLED + has:
1.P5 x2. really works and there is a difference. The processor is able to divide the image into zones and adjust the sharpness based on this. Looks very cool.
So you’re saying this is not the same P5 as on the 806/856?

That kind of sharpening sounds like the sort image adjustment filter I would be turning off anyway, mostly using FMM/Movie mode

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