Difference between the logitach harmony 525 and 555?


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Thinking of buying a Harmony 525 or 555 but can't really see any significant difference (other than price), is there any reason not to get the 525, which seems to be alittle cheaper?



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The 525 and 555 are listed on the Harmony comparison table as being identical. But price wise, there is quite a difference between them.

Assuming that there is more to them than the comparison table and different style would indicate (I think someone said that the 555 had 2 extra buttons), what do the extra features/buttons on the 555 do that the 525 does not?

Also slightly worried about the task-centric rather than device-centric method of working with these. I have never been a fan of macros in the past as lack of discreet codes seem to confuse matters if starting state is not exactly as expected. I am not worried about viewing things as 'Watch PVR', 'Watch HD', 'Listen to Squeezebox' etc but I don't want it fiddling with the state of things. ie I want to beable to 'Fiddle with Squeezebox', 'View teletext' and have the remote go into Squeezebox or teletext mode but without actioning a state change (power off, change channel etc) of any of my devices. Or is this not how things work with the Harmonies?

Are there any places in SW London area where I can actually view the models. Tried my local large town and nothing - could have got a pronto though.


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The main differences are that the 555 has an orange backlight(as opposed to blue on the 525), and gets "Sound" and "Picture" buttons. These buttons are basically shortcuts to a custom device mode for the display and audio devices being used in the current activity. eg in the "Watch DVD" activity, the "Sound" button will go to device mode for the AV receiver, and the "Picture" button will go to device mode for the TV.

I find these 2 buttons really handy, but other people don't use them at all...personal preference really.

For your other worry...although these remotes are Activity based(a big plus in normal usage), you can easily select device mode and control individual devices if required. You just press "Device" then select the required device from the list on the LCD screen. The remote is then dedicated to that single device, with all commands from the original remote available.

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